Piracetam is one of the first to be created in the racetam nootropic category. Although it is the weakest racetam in potency, it is still the most popular and widespread nootropic supplement. This may be due to its low cost to produce and high availability. See our product page for a description of piracetam and how it works.

How to

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In the world of nootropics, there is a lot of talk about acetylcholine also known as the cholinergic system. If we are not talking about acetylcholine, we are talking about activation of the glutamatergic system to improve the mind. These two neurotransmitter systems are common targets for nootropics because they can help to improve cognitive function with limited chance of side effects,

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B vitamins play a large role in the body as nootropic substances. Their essential functions range from glucose energy metabolism to factors in the creation of acetylcholine and monoamine neurotransmitters.

Lacking b-vitamins or the absorption of them has been suggested to play a role in certain neurodegenerative diseases. The case and point is that b-vitamins are very important. The b-vitamin structure

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If you are interested in nootropics and overall brain enhancement, it may be of value to learn about acetylcholinesterase. Basically, acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme that is naturally within the body that is typically bad for cognition.

This article will explain the basic biology of acetylcholinesterase and how an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor may add value to your nootropic stack.

Acetylcholinesterase vs. Acetylcholine

If you are

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There is some research that suggests a link between nootropics and corticosteroids. Research suggests that corticosteroid balance is crucial to the effectiveness of racetam nootropics. Both high and low levels of corticosteroids may reduce or even block the memory enhancing effects of nootropics [1].

Low levels of corticosteroids are believed to hinder the memory enhancing effects of nootropics. Adrenalectomy, or

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There is a new nootropic stack known as CILTEP that has become very popular during the last year or so. The CILTEP acronym stands for “chemically induced long-term potentiation”. This stack works in two methods to increase biochemical function in the brain.

Main Method of Action – PDE Inhibition

CILTEPs main method is to inhibit phosphodiesterase (PDE). A supplement or drug in

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Phenylpiracetam is one of newer and more potent nootropic racetams. It was created by adding a phenyl group to the popular and well-studied nootropic, piracetam.

Perhaps, some of the biggest media attention phenylpiracetam has had was during the Olympics. A woman in the 2006 winter Olympics tested positive

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Disclaimer: Peak Nootropics does not encourage the use of either alcohol or MDMA. This article is strictly for research purposes. Please do not abuse this material.

Piracetam & Alcohol

The piracetam & alcohol interaction is perhaps the most talked about of the piracetam combinations. There are several questions that need

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Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

When first deciding to try nootropics, don’t expect some sort of magic “NZT” pill. If this was the case, every single person would be taking them. This is a mistake many people make when first trying nootropics. Be humble and aware and you should see the signs of cognitive improvement. Sometimes this takes time. Although

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Pramiracetam & Alpha GPC

Pramiracetam & Alpha GPC is a very popular stack in 2013. Pramiracetam by itself is very strong and one of the strongest racetams that is very popular in times of study and heavy workloads. One issue many people find is the cost, however many “starving students” still find it in their budgets to afford this

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