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  • Strong Cholinergic Nootropic
  • Increases Memory & Focus
  • May Help Depression/Anxiety
  • Enhances High Affinity Choline Uptake

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Product Description

Recommended Dosage: 5-35mg
Directions: Coluracetam is soluble in ethanol. This product is sold as a chemical and any usage is a decision based on your own research.  Do not exceed recommended dosage.  Do not ingest if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. Extremely rare side effects may include allergic reactions. Consult a doctor prior to using. By acquiring our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.

Coluracetam is a racetam compound that Japanese pharmaceutical company Mitsubishi Tanabe derived from Piracetam in 2005. The patent for the compound was later transferred to BrainCells Inc., a firm that develops and provides biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. The firm now conducts most of the clinical testing for the compound, and latest research results indicate that the compound shows great potential for treating specific CNS disorders and retinal and optic nerve damage.

Mechanism of Action

As with many of the racetam compounds, Coluracetam elevates the body’s choline uptake, while also increasing the uptake in damaged neurons. The compound targets and interacts with the high affinity choline uptake (HACU) process, which is the mechanism for absorbing choline into neurons. The uptake increase happens during the Acetylcholine synthesis process.

Because Coluracetam improves the preservation of choline during this process, the result is that a larger amount of choline is converted into Acetylcholine. The beneficial yield from the process incudes an increased amount of attention and alertness, along with improvements to memory.

Research shows that Coluracetam also improves α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid receptor (AMPA) potentiation, a receptor for glutamate that aids in synaptic transmission in the central nervous system process that boosts alertness and cognitive functions.

Coluracetam Uses (Medical Research)

Studies show that Coluracetam shows the greatest potential in treating both general anxiety and clinical depression. Other studies show that the compound also shows promise in the treatment of optic nerve and retinal injury.

Coluracetam Benefits

BrainCells Inc. started testing the effects of Coluracetam on rats after acquiring the patent from Mitsubishi Tanabe. Research results indicate there were marked improvement in the rodent’s eyesight, anxiety processing and cognitive functioning after testing with the compound.


Research conducted on Coluracetam indicated that it is beneficial in the treatment of retinal and optic nerve injuries. It is also associated with other optic benefits such as visual recognition and vividness and improved color vision.

Depression and Anxiety

Researchers reported that a dosage of 240 mg of the compound split into three doses of 80 mg daily was beneficial in treating major clinical depression co-morbid with generalized anxiety disorder.

Memory and Learning

A study using Coluracetam showed improvement to memory in rats who were given a neuron-specific neurotoxin. The rats were later able to maneuver through the standardized Morris Water Maze up to 72 hours after the last dosage of the compound.

Coluracetam Safety, Tolerance & Drug Interactions

Currently there have not been any negative side effects or toxicity reported with Coluracetam use. At the end of clinical trials using a daily dose of 240 mg per day (given three equal administrations) no side effects were reported. This dosage amount was the highest suggested dosage of the compound used in any of the trials to date.

Coluracetam Stacking

If you haven’t used a nootropic before, you may develop headaches after use, which is commonly seen in first time users. And just like most of the compounds in the Racetam family, Coluracetam stacks excellently with Choline for an extra boost to memory and cognitive functioning. The recommended doses for Choline is 250 mg to 750 mg daily if you’re using CDP Choline and 300 mg to 600 mg daily if you’re stacking with Alpha GPC.

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  1. 5 out of 5



    Have bought Noopept , coluracetam and Alpha-GPC from Peak Nootropics. Stack them at Noopept 20mg, coluracetam 20mg, Alpha-GPC at 300mg. Alpha-GPC is mixed in water, others mixed in swigs worth of organic Sunflower Lecithin. Lecithin mix is taken, then chased with Alpha-GPC/water. Gives me calm clarity and energy for hours. After 5-6 hours of heavy mental work, take another dose of Alpha-GPC as pick me up.

  2. 4 out of 5



    Losing my Coluracetaminity…

    I just tried Coluracetam for the first time in the amount of about 20 milligrams when I was doing a walking tour of Berlin (got a few touristy photos attached). Despite walking around an amazing city center on a beautiful summer day I didn’t quiet experience this often praised effect of the outdoor world seeming more vivid.

    I’ve been taking it sublingually, because it’s so damn expensive that I don’t want to waste a single granule of it. It doesn’t taste great but it’s not as bad as some drugs I’ve tried.

    It’s has a rocky, clumpy consistency that reminds me of cocaine. You may need to break it up before consumption.

    Scienceguy suggested it potentiates Oxiracetam, I’ve taken it now a couple of time with Caballo which has Oxiracetam but I’m not sure if I’ve experienced this yet…

    One day I was operating on about 4 hours of sleep, so somewhat sleep deprived and kept slipping back into an unfocused funk. I took Coluracetam around 1PM and 4PM and there was a disappointing absence of effect.

    I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I’m a none responder to smart drugs that are taken in sub-50 milligram dosage ranges. I used Noopept for quiet a while sublingually and experienced next to nothing, Phenylpiracetam I need to take in dosages over 200 milligrams for achieve a helpful effect. Same story with Coluracetam, at the recommended dosage of 35 milligram I just feel almost nothing from Coluracetam. Maybe I’m just a freak of nature and can’t absorb powders sublingually…

    I will continue experimentation…

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):


    This one works great for me. This seems to help focus and mental clarity with a low tendency for headaches even without choline supplementation. Like most all nootropics, the dose/ effect relationship is a bell curve so taking more does not increase the benefit, but reduces it. For me, a rather small amount (15 to 20mg) seems to be the sweet spot. For this one I recommend a scale to be consistent and find the best amount.

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