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Disclaimer: Limitless is a fictional show and while it may seem appealing, there are no such drugs and supplements that function in that way. This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to promote the use of mental performance enhancers or any drug. Please use your own discretion and do not take this article any form of advice. No drug or supplement is without side effects or interactions

The 2011 blockbuster movie “Limitless” depicts a character named Eddie, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, who is able to change his entire life by taking smart drugs. The fictional nootropic supplement from the film, NZT, has been compared to the real world Modafinil. Now CBS will be bringing “Limitless” back to life as a TV series, and this will almost certainly increase the level of interest that people worldwide have in Modafinil and other nootropics.


There have been several TV shows based on a movie, but “Limitless” will join the very short list that has managed to keep the main star on board. Although Bradley Cooper will not be in every episode, he is scheduled to reprise the role of Eddie on a reoccurring basis. According to IMDB, the show has been under production since March, and the first episode is slated to air on September 22. Instead of focusing on the business world that was such an important backdrop for the movie, the show will be an FBI drama instead. In other words, the main character in the TV version of “Limitless” will utilize the cognitive enhancements he receives from NZT to solve crimes.


A long list of entrepreneurs and CEOs have praised the effects of Modafinil, including Dave Asprey, Timothy Ferriss and Daniel Tenner. NY Magazine interviewed one user, Peter Borden, in 2013, and the insights he shared made it clear that Modafinil has a lot of potential to be one of the best nootropics of all time. Borden claims that a single dose of Modafinil gave him almost instantaneous results, ranging from heightened senses to being able to produce a better quality of work than ever before.

Modafinil is technically a prescription medication that is used to treat narcolepsy. This means that Modafinil is also a controlled substance, and purchasing it through the mail for usage as a nootropic is technically illegal within the US. On the plus side, there is another nootropic, Adrafinil, which is reported to offer similar benefits without the potential for legal complications.


Adrafinil has been reported by users to offer an extensive list of positive benefits, including enhanced focus and a higher level of alertness. It is believed that Adrafinil and Modafinil may help increase the naturally occurring hypocretin neurotransmitter. As the hypocretin increases, so do the quantities of norepinephrine, dopamine and histamine in the human body. When all of this is put together, people may experience a feeling of increased wakefulness, along with the several other perks.

The big difference between Modafinil and Adrafinil is that it is not necessary to obtain a prescription in the U.S. in order to purchase Adrafinil. Interestingly, there are many reports that indicate Adraifinil actually converts into Modafinil after it has been ingested, so it is truly not necessary to go out of your way to acquire a Modafinil prescription.


research study that was published in July 2000 showcased Adrafinil’s ability to increase locomotion, and it also indicated that this nootropic supplement has the potential to enhance the user’s cognitive functionality. Another study from the same year found that each test subject’s learning skills increased for at least two hours after receiving a dose of Adrafinil.


Hollywood almost always seeks to make their subject matter bigger and bolder than its real world inspiration. Therefore, it is important to remember that Modafinil and Adrafinil will not produce results that are exactly like those shown in the “Limitless” movie and upcoming TV series. However, there have been numerous user reviews that praise Adraifinil and Modafinil for their strong nootropic properties.

It might not be fair to compare a Hollywood invention to the real thing, but you may still experience a big boost in your ability to focus, remain alert and ward off the ill effects of sleepiness. In Borden’s interview with NY Magazine, he stated that he was able to stay alert and on task for at least five hours at a time after taking Modafinil, and Adraifinil has the potential to offer similar results.

In the preview trailer for “Limitless,” an FBI agent portrayed by “Dexter” alumni Jennifer Carpenter makes the bold assertion that taking one NZT pill makes the user the smartest person in the world for approximately 12 hours. There are no known nootropics that can validate such a claim, but it may be possible to use Adrafinil in order to tap into more of your brain’s full potential for everything from taking a test to completing a mentally arduous work project. Now that CBS will be bringing the world of “Limitless” into the living rooms of people across America, the interest in Adrafinil and several other nootropics is virtually certain to skyrocket.