Private Label

Peak Nootropics has been supplying nootropics since 2013, identifying and researching reliable sources of supply over that time.  This, along with the use of independent third party testing, has ensured the high quality and fast turn around that we offer to the market.

With the addition of new labeling and bottling equipment in the USA, we are now able to domestically offer bottled private label capsules for all of our products in either 200 mg (size 3) or 500 mg (size 0) sized vegetarian capsules.  Peak Nootropics has a FDA compliant fulfillment center for the provision of custom manufacturing & private labeling of nootropic dietary supplements, both racetam based and herbal based.  We do not use fillers, just pure ingredients encapsulated and bottled.

At Peak Nootropics quality comes first & we strive to maintain the reputation for quick delivery, dependability for all our great customers.  We are capable of accommodating a variety of production run sizes and are committed to providing the best service & solutions in the development & growth of your business.

In addition to offering private label runs of our basic product line, we can mix custom stacks and products to your specification.

For more information send a request with specifics to [email protected].