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  • Dopaminergic Nootropic
  • Wakefulness Promoter
  • Increase Alertness
  • Enhance Focus

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Notice: This product is sold as a research chemical and any usage is a decision based on your own research.  Please read all warnings and recommendations and conduct serious research before purchasing.  By using our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.

Adrafinil belongs to the “eurgeroic” category and was developed in France in 1974. It is broken down into Modafinil via liver metabolization.

CAS:  63547-13-7


Adrafinil Uses

Many uses and risks associated with adrafinil can be found through a search of our blog postings.  Further information is available at:



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  1. (verified owner):


    I experienced absolutely no effects from this substance and my wife and I dosed as high as 2 grams!

  2. (verified owner):


    Enjoyed using this product and will purchase again. While this was my first time trying Adrafinil, I did notice the expected benefits. As per the guidelines, try to avoid using this product late in the day if you intend to get to sleep that night. Otherwise, great quality and delivered quickly to Europe. Thanks.

  3. (verified owner):


    Took a standard dose, approximately 300 – 400mg, because of its longer half-life, i dosed early in the day as recommended. consumed with minimal stomach contents and gradually resumed food
    consumption to balance the effects.

    The effects are fairly noticeable, kind of a
    steady, haze sort of buzz. Kind of similar
    to the kind of haze felt by other neural vasodilators.

    Judging by the sites article about
    potentially being unsafe for the heart, I
    half expected heart palpitations, but in
    fact the opposite seemed true… and at
    some stage it almost felt like it was stabilizing my heart rhythm.

    Later on though, there does seem to be
    some sort of undesired sensations in the
    organs that doesn’t seem quite right.

    Overall, my experience was not a
    desirable one, I felt absolutely no desire
    to increase productivity and motivation
    was completely unchanged. I think I was
    more interested in distracting myself to
    avoid my unease i was experiencing.

    It reminded me much of being on LSA,
    a kind of apprehensive edge, but was kind
    of misleading, because of how steady the
    feeling seemed. I could see how some
    one could mistake it for being a type of
    “focus”, but i believe it to be far too hazey
    of an experience to be useful.

    I personally feel the risks don’t outweigh
    the benefits in this case. Considering the
    potential health issues this might cause,
    and my feelings of uneasiness. There are
    plenty of other substances that can make
    you feel similar, if not better…. where
    they can potentially improve your health and not deteriorate it.

    I noticed it was also a huge diuretic for
    me, like my body was trying to flush it
    completely out of my system. This is
    another good indicator that its likely not
    good for you.

    I plan to discard my purchase, and won’t
    be using again.

  4. (verified owner):


    I tried Adrafinil 3 different ways so far. I tried it with 300 mg dose on 8 hours of sleep initially and didn’t feel much if anything at all. It actually seemed to make me day dream more often and I was yawning and felt slightly sluggish. I started researching if this stuff was legit and saw articles saying that if it doesn’t dissolve in water then you don’t have Adrafinil. BTW This is necessarily not true.

    I then tried it on a day I had only 6 hours a sleep but took a dose of 600mg and within an hour I could feel that I was slightly more focused. Within 2 hours I definitely noticed that it was working. I felt locked in and felt awake. That’s the feeling of energy you will get from it, a feeling of being awake. Caffiene honestly gives a better boost of energy in terms of getting excited. The locked in feeling seemed to come with an effect that my thoughts had a very linear path of thinking. I found I really it very easy to get caught up in what I was doing and multi-tasking to be difficult. Adrafinil is great for focusing on one task for a long period of time. Writing, Driving, School Work.

    The third way I tried Adrafinil was to stack it with Noopept and Citocline and this is how I would recommend taking Adrafinil.

    The Noopept and Citocline helped to free myself from getting stuck in linear thinking and helped to keep my brain in creative states and helped with multi-tasking. Stacking this way also seemed to add a boost in focus.

    If your looking to add a boost of energy than take some caffeine with this stack. However, I did not research if this is safe or not. So definitely research beforehand. It’s not really necessary though as you won’t feel like you need it at all.

    I rated it 4 stars simply because it has to be processed by the liver so long term use is out of the question. This is only good for using once in a while when you have a day full of tasks to get done with little time to spare.

    For more long term use you will need to look into Modafinil with Adrafinil is the prodrug of.

  5. (verified owner):


    excellent customer service. ordered incorrect product. support agent quickly changed the order to the correct product and gave a discount as well. will buy here again

  6. (verified owner):


    I’ve been taking Adrafinil for years now. I don’t take it very often (maybe once a week, 400mg in a gelatin cap). The effects usually last about a day for me. However, if I take it on a full stomach, I don’t feel any effects at all and consider it a dose wasted. If I take it too often, it makes me sleepy, so again, dose wasted. Peak is a good supplier. The package usually reaches me in a few days, and has always been good quality. I’ve also tried the Noopept, with varied results.

  7. (verified owner):


    The Adrafinil I received does not dissolve in water at all. From what I’m to understand, if it does not dissolve in water, its not real adrafinil. My order came in the mail very quickly from this company, but I’m very certain its not the real thing, and if it is, its full of fillers. You may often read about how some people did not feel any effects, or felt just mild effects….. I’ll give you three guesses why… and the first two don’t count.

    Edited by Admin: Hi Stephen, adrafinil is soluble in ethanol and will not dissolve in water. We are not sure who is telling you that adrafinil is water soluble but this is false information. We do not add fillers into our products and everything is backed by a refund guarantee.

  8. :


    Adrafinil has been my go-to these days when getting out of bed is hard for me (Monday – Friday) but I have no other choice.

    I take three hundred gram doses most days, but for predictably straining endeavors I find twice that, once in the morning more than sufficient.

  9. :


    I’ve been using noopept for about a week now and today and i decided to take a break from adderal and give adrafinil a try. At first i didnt feel much and was tempted to take adderal but decided to wait. 1.5 hours later i was in the gym and i suddently felt awake ,alert, music was more intense and powerful and i was able to push myself harder without losing motivation. It does not give you the speedy edgy high from adderal but it give you that focus and motivation.

  10. (verified owner):


    Seems to work longer than Modafinil for me. Careful mixing with dopaminergic drugs. Keeps me up and alert for as long as I want to but never abuse it!

  11. :


    Just a warning – this product is great, but your uh, bodily excretions, will smell like adrafinil for the next day. I can’t say I’ve tested tis with all “bodily excretions”, but let’s just say I’ve had no complaints, so it shouldn’t be an issue there. Nudge nudge wink wink.

  12. :


    I’m a night-owl musician who likes to rehearse late at night (1-2am). My usual stimulant of choice is a cup of coffee or a Red Bull. After reading all the hype about Modafinil, the anecdotes about keeping soldiers awake and alert for as long as 3 days, I decided to pull the trigger and try it’s precursor Adrafinil. I took my first dose of 300 mg at 6pm expecting it to metabolize and keep me going all night long. I chose to forgo my usual coffee to see what Adrafinil could do as a stand-alone product. I envisioned a super long, hyper-focused session that night. Unfortunately Adrafinil did nothing. By 11:30 I was yawning and ready to curl up under a blanket. I went up to bed and fell asleep in 10 minutes. I slept through the night with no disturbances. In theory, I suppose Adrafinil has a long enough half life that it could build up in your system over time, but I have to be honest this is such a weak drug, it would be more effective to spend your money at Starbucks. I know many people will try Adrafinil just based on curiosity, affordability, and the assumption that because Modafinil is Rx only, it must be a very powerful substance. It isn’t. Caffeine is infinitely stronger. I’m glad I only bought a small amount of the stuff.

  13. :


    Terrific product! Did exactly as advertised. I work in a field which requires rapid and accurate decision making. This product improved the “mind to hand” process ten fold. Thoughts come much more quickly and clearly. Very fast shipping and excellent customer service! I will surely be making another order sooner rather than later.

  14. :


    This was the first experience I had with peaknootropics and I just say that I will be a loyal future customer. Shipping was fast and measuring tools were pervided.

    I work in a kitchen and move around constantly for extended periods of time, which is quite a stressful enviroment. But after taking adrafinil not only an I working faster with more focus, but it also is way less stressful. I would highly recommend this product to someone in need of a little extra go. Thank you PeakNootropics!

  15. :


    Very satisfied!
    Fast shipping plus extra quality tracking.
    I took small doses (max 300mg) on an empty stomach and noticed increased wakefulness (I’m usually always tired, sleep at night + 3/4h of napping per day).

  16. :


    > Couldn’t find a place in the forums. Customers of yours are of
    > different “ages and stations”. I have narcolepsy caused by 3 spinal
    > surgeries (my neuro calls them insults” As a result I ended up w/
    > right temporal lobe surgery. In the morning I take 10 mg immed.
    > release Add. with 40mg of extended release Add.. Only 6 hours later
    > I repeat the same regimen. The brain fog isn’t cured either. I got a
    > script for 30 – 100mg Nuvigil, once daily for $135/month. Worked
    > like Add.. I read the small print on Nuvigil. “Nuvigil won’t
    > necessarily end or lessen narcolepsy” Your adrafinal tasted
    > just like Nuvigil. A complement. I bought 10 grams thinking it would
    > last a month. Thank you for having it available at a decent price.
    > It was a helluva cheaper than the $130+. I’ve played around w/ very
    > small doses of MDPV that worked. When narcolepsy hits, I let my wife
    > know. I’ve only got 10 minutes before I’m asleep for 2 to 6 hours.
    > Your Adrafinal has Nuvigil’s motivation, maybe a get it
    > “done”attitude.

  17. :


    Like Modafinil minus the sweats

    I tried Adrafinil for the first time yesterday, I did about 300 milligrams first thing in the morning, and found it pretty consistent with my experiences with Modafinil. It put me deep into the focus zone for about 6 hours (a little shorter than Modafinil). For the next 3 consecutive days I did the same dosage of Adrafinil and I feel I’ve ran into it’s tolerance curve; the afternoon of the 3rd day I actually grew tired after lunch, did a second dosage of about 200 milligrams (eyeballing it). So not an everyday smart drug…

    The nice thing absent was the sweats, Modafinil consistently makes me sweat while I’m there working on my computer, which I have always found weird.

    I’m trying to take all my powdered Nootropics subliminally, to maximize bioavaliability. This is rough with Adrafinil, it just tastes like you have a formaldahide zombie frog writhing under your tongue (the kind you dissected in science class) – it’s pretty bad. I think it is the worst tasting smart drug (high praise coming from me!), I’m starting to get a grow taste in my mouth just looking at the packaging.

    One day I upped my dosage to two little spoonfuls (about 600 milligrams) and even at that dosage the effect was just not that noticeable. Definitely not like being on two Modafinils! Although, I didn’t have a mid afternoon tiredness spell.

    It’s a pretty good value compared to even the most competitive Modafinil sources;
    $23.99 10 grams
    At a high daily dosage of 300 milligrams I have 33 doses here at about 70 cents/dosage.
    Compared that Modafinil tablets that start at a dollar per capsule
    A clear economic decision if you don’t mind the really ghastly taste of Adrafinil.

    However, I’d be irresponsible here if I failed to mention that long term Adrafinil use causes liver damage, the primary reason I believe that it never got approved as a pharmaceutical drug and they had to invent Modafinil. With my 90 Day No Boozing habits I think my liver is pretty happy with me and I’m not planning on using Adrafinil long term.

  18. :


    Ok, I’ve been dabbling in nootropics for over 10 yrs now and have seen Alot of companies come & go, as well as msg boards. So, I set out again to find a new vendor for adrafinil that can accommodate me better than my current one. Well, after reading everything I could possibly find on the so-called critic sites and my own experiences, I went with Peak. And I must say it is Primo! They got it to me in 3 days and answered all of my emails within hours!!! This is my new favorite vendor! THANK YOU PEAK 😀

  19. :


    I was looking for a one stop shop, a place where I could receive fantastic customer service and who has great products. I had done an extensive search on the web. I would come to find great reviews about PeakNootropics. I hesitated at first, and then I ordered. My products were delivered as stated when they would. I was very pleased with the service, the information on the products , and the time I received my products. You have life long customer, for as long as I have a need for your business. Thank you

  20. (verified owner):


    Incredible product I really love this website! They haven’t failed me once yet!
    Thanks PeakNootropics

  21. :


    (This review is more about an experience with customer service than the product itself.)

    I’ve been buying nootropics on and off from Peak Nootropics for a year or so, since I started college again. This last time, I was trying to order 10g of adrafinil, but I was having issues at checkout. I emailed customer service about the issue (that neither of my cards were working at checkout) and they told me what the problem was (they don’t take Visa debit currently but they’re working on it) and helped me finish my purchase through email and Paypal.

    The whole exchange took several days only because I kept forgetting to check for a response. Usually I get emails back within a day, always helpful and friendly, and I don’t dread asking them for assistance like almost all other sites.

    Once I finalized the purchase through email, the product arrived within two or three days, as high quality as always, and with sleek new packaging (I’m a sucker for the fine details). I’ve joked to friends that the folks at Peak clearly take their own products, because of how on top of their game they consistently are.

  22. :


    The adrafinil they sell is great quality and I agree – it definitely pairs well with racetams. The customer service is also 100% unbelievable. I cannot recommend ordering from Peak enough!

  23. :


    I Description/Comment

    This seems identical to the original Olmifon brand Adrafinil — without the bother of having to break tablets into pieces.

    Glad to see independant analyses. Reassures me that this is a supplier I might use.

    Seen articles describing what pure should be like: smelly, strong bad taste…
    I find it’s mild tasting lacking noticible odor. Some find it tastes “awful”.
    It depends, I suppose. I find zinc gluconate or decoction of Centaury herb awful.

    This is a fine powder well suited to those who prefer to titrate dosage.

    Came with a measuring scoop and a couple of additional small bags. Allows minimum exposure of supply to moisture and oxygen.


    II Experience/Advice

    I like to take 1/16 to 1/8 tps (about 150-300mg) once or twice daily (150-600mg/d).
    Do not take after mid-day unless you like staying up til the wee hours.

    Eat a spoon of coconut oil or MCT along with it for better absorption.
    Many like to add oil to a warm drink.
    This also provides a slow source of physical energy to go along with the mental energy.

    Start at a low dose.
    Do not increase too quickly as it takes 2-5 days to get a good feel for it.
    Maybe lower your dose after a week or so, especially if you notice any unwanted effects.
    After about two weeks enhanced dexterity and coordination benefits begin.

    Comes on slowly providing a long lasting wakefulness with increased focus. Ebbs gently.

    I am not crushed by trifling problems. Come what may, chaos does not overwhelm.

    It works for me. May be well worth a try.

    Combines well with racetam supplements.

  24. :


    I love this product. I have tried adrafinil from a couple other suppliers, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of peak nootropics adrafinil. It is high quality and works awesomely well every time I use it.. My boyfriend takes it with me and we both just love it. It is perfect for those days when you need an extra pep in your step.. It wakes you up without the jitters of other stimulants like coffee or adderall, and I haven’t noticed a dramatic crash off of it, for me it has a slow come down that feels natural.. I would recommend not taking it late in the day, because you will probably have problems sleeping. Adrafinil gives me the energy and the focus I need to power me through those long tough days. And peak nootropics price Is perfect, and the quality without a doubt is way better than the other suppliers I have tried. If you need a boost to power you through a long day adrafinil is a good choice. I have become almost immune to coffee, and it’s a good choice for those who can’t get prescriptions for adderall.. Clean energy with a gentle come down! I would recommend taking milk thistle while on adrafinil because adrafinil is hard on the liver, and definitely take breaks from using adrafinil because it’s hard on the liver, not a recommended every day use nootropic.

  25. (verified owner):


    Adrafinil is a wonderful wake aid. i take every so often when i need to study or just need to function on a low level of sleep.

  26. (verified owner):


    Great product. Keeps me sharp though the day. and shipping is lightning fast.

  27. (verified owner):


    My Doctor prescribed Modafinil for my sleep apnea but insurance doesn’t cover it and far too expensive. This stuff does the trick. Great customer service also . . . you can’t loose!

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