Citicoline Capsules

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200 mg Capsules

  • Increase Acetylcholine Levels
  • Stacks Well with Racetams
  • No Binders or Fillers
  • Vegetarian Capsules

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Citicoline (CDP Choline) is a strong cholinergic that promotes an increase of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter within the brain. There have been many clinical studies involving Citicoline which have been conducted in both humans and animals.

As a supplement, Citicoline capsules have many uses. Many people use it as a general nootropic to enhance memory. Generally, these capsules are stacked with a racetam(s) or similar positive allosteric modulator of the acetylcholine receptors. It is theorized that increasing the levels of acetylcholine is synergistic with the nootropcs that promote activation of the acetylcholine receptors. Citicoline capsules may also have dopaminergic effects that may add to its nootropic benefits.

Mechanism of Action

Studies have been performed on the various ways that Citicoline affects the body, and one of the more prominent effects shown is that it increases the number of neurotransmitters in the body. One of the beneficial by-products of these effects is that cell communication and development is enhanced. In this way, Citicoline is potentially able to help with memory and learning enhancement

Citicoline capsules are made up of CDP-choline, which is extremely important in the production of new stores of phospholipid materials. By increasing these phospholipids, Citicoline improves the amount of acetylcholine within the brain. This is done by freeing up acetylcholines’ main precursor, choline, allowing for more of the nootropic neurotransmitter to be synthesised. Apart from this, higher phospholipid levels have been linked to a slower level of cognitive decline.

Citicoline capsules may also have a slight dopaminergic effect. Dopamine is also a nootropic neurotransmitter and Citicoline has been seen to have dopaminergic modulation by increasing activity within certain parts of the brain. With this said, this nootropic has not been seen to be addictive or have serious side effects as it is produced naturally within the body.

Potential Benefits

  • Increases Blood Flow to the Brain
  • May Preserve Memory
  • Might Assist with Traumatic Brain Damage
  • Could Enhance Focus on Important Tasks
  • Might Help in Reducing Dopamine-Related Addiction

Possible Side Effects

Because Citicoline occurs naturally within the body, the side effects tend to be few. However, there have been clinical reports of side effects such as, diarreha and stomach cramps in some people. There are also concerns that it could interfere with medication used to combat conditions such as type II diabetes and clinical depression. Anyone who is being treated for these conditions needs to discuss the possible challenges of taking Citicoline capsules with their doctor before actually using this supplement.


Some of the most popular stacks with Citicoline capsules work towards improving memory and learning. This nootropic is almost always stacked since nootropic benefits when used alone may not be noticeable. The stack most often used to improve cognitive functions blends Citicoline with racetams due to the possible synergetic effect it provides. Another popular stack used to increase cognitive abilities is one that pairs up Citicoline with Pramiracetam.

In both of these stacks, the Citicoline acts as an agent to enhance the abilities of the other two supplements. For example, racetams may work to modulate acetylcholine receptors and Citicoline helps to improve the brain levels of acetylcholine. This stack is theorized to provide a synergistic effect on cognitive function.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Citicoline Capsules

Citicoline capsules are easy to take and make it much simpler to measure out a dosage when putting together a stack. Capsules are also much more portable and easier to utilize in situations were the user may have little time.

The biggest drawback to Citicoline capsules is the increased price over powder. If you have a very specific measurement you need to do, then using a powder may make that easier. But capsules can help you to get much more out of your Citicoline usage, especially when you are measuring stacks. It also helps to save a lot of time especially if you have a large stack involving many different nootropic powders.


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