Milligram Pocket Scale (20g scale)

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  • Precise Scale Accurate to 1mg (.001g)
  • Weighs up to 20g
  • Measuring Tray & Tweezers Included
  • Batteries & Calibration Weight Included

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This milligram pocket scale is a highly accurate and durable for all of your nootropic weighing needs. It will measure to the milligram for highly accurate and precise weighing. The scale will also measure up to 20 grams of product at a time. We highly recommend that you purchase this scale if you want a very precise and quality scale that will last you for a long time.

There are some great features to this nootropic milligram scale not seen with other scales. Most other pocket scales on the market will only measure to the nearest .01 of a gram (10mg). This scale is much better because it will measure up to .001 of a gram (1mg). These precise measurements are perfect for products like noopept and sunifiram that require very small dosages. On the other hand, this scale can also measure up to 20g which is more than sufficient for larger dosage nootropics like piracetam. The scale also includes a measuring tray which is highly convenient for easy and quick measurement of nootropic powders.  And finally, the scale comes with a calibration weight that allows you to see for yourself that it is not only taring to zero (0) properly, but also measuring weight correctly.

Before Using This Scale

  • Never overload the scale. Keep under the 20g maximum to avoid damage
  • Wait 30-60 seconds before calibration to allow sufficient warm up time
  • Always keep the scale clean and away from excessive moisture to avoid damage
  • Avoid dropping or shaking to avoid damage to internal components
  • Always operate on a stable and vibration-free surface to avoid discrepancies

Operation Instructions

1. Place the scale on a flat and level surface.
2. Press the [ON] key.
3. Wait until “0.000” is displayed.
4. Place the tray on the platform
5. Press [TARE] until “0.000” is displayed again
6. Add the products into the tray

Note: By using the tare function described above the scale will automatically subtract the tray weight for you. The tray is the most convenient way to measure nootropic powders. If you do not want to use the tray, follow steps 1-3 only.

Calibration Instructions

This scale comes pre-calibrated however, you should calibrate the scale at least once a month or if you feel that there is a discrepancy in the measurements.

1. Place the scale on a flat and level surface.
2. Press the [ON] key.
3. Wait until “0.000” is displayed.
4. Press and hold the [ON] key for 3 seconds. (The screen should flash “0”)
5. Once you release the [ON] key, the screen should show “10,000” and the “g” indicator will be flashing.
6. Place the 10g calibration weight in the center of the platform.
7. Once the “g” indicator stops flashing, the calibration is complete.

Error codes

[lo] or [88888] – The batteries are low. Replace as soon as possible
[Err1] – Recalibrate the scale
[Err2] – The scale is overloaded. You must remove the excess weight and recalibrate.

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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    I’ve used this scale for almost two years–its accuracy is still top notch still and I’ve truly abused it. Ease of use has a learning curve ergo only 4 stars, but once you get past it this device is awesome (I use a capsule press and as you’ll see below, you CAN weight large quantities; the nickel/lid MO lets you get all the way to the 50g max)

    These other snarky reviewers simply aren’t creative enough to figure you can just take the gigantic lid on the scale, turn it upside down, and tare with it on top of the tray (you can also use a nickel instead of the tray & a playing card instead of the lid)

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    if you follow the instructions for calibrating the device, what they say will happen simply does not happen. it never shows 10,000, g never flashes, and if you hold on for 3 seconds the thing turns off. im sure it is calibrated pretty closely to what it should be, but it can be really important at the mg level to get it right

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    Contrary to the other review, I found this to be a very accurate and well-made milligram scale. It’s designed for weighing jewels, not powders, so you’ll have to get a bit creative with it. I generally lay my scoop on top of the scale’s tray, tare it, then fill my scoop and weigh the difference.

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    Accuracy is good, but the device is not easy to use. Cheap chinese item. For $30 I guess I shouldn’t expect much.

    The tray it comes with is so small that you can only really measure individual dosages — if you’re going to be putting bulk powders in capsules etc. get something better that allows for more power to be measured at once. The tweezers started rusting straight away.

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