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Notice: This product is sold as a research chemical and any usage is a decision based on your own research.  Please read all warnings and recommendations and conduct serious research before purchasing. By acquiring our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.

Phenylpiracetam ((RS)-2-(2-OXO-4-phenylpyrrolidin-1-y1) acetamide) also known as Carphedon or Phenotropil, was developed in the Soviet Union in 1983. It was developed as a nootropic agent as well as a chemical to improve physical stamina. Phenylpiracetam was synthesized from Piracetam by adding a phenyl group to the compound.

CAS:  77472-70-9


Phenylpiracetam Uses

The many uses of phenylpiracetam can be found through a search of our blog postings and by looking at user reviews.  Further information can be found at:


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  1. (verified owner):


    I have been taking phenylpiracetam on and off for over 5 years of my life and of all that time i have to say the greatest effect it’s had on me, is an improved quality of life in every degree. Phenylpiracetam not only enables me to think clearly, cohesively and stay on task, but it enables me to do what i do BETTER. By increasing the permeability of the phospholipid bilayers of your cells nutrients and electrical impulses can flow to and fro easier and thus by extension you, as a biological machine, work more efficiently. I cannot vouch for this product enough!! It has literally taken me from ordinary to the level of superhuman not only mentally but physically as well. With a proper diet there should (and i have observed) no side effects whatsoever except for at extreme doses i gain such an extreme focus of minute details i become distracted from tasks on the grand scale. This is not a bother and can easily be coped with by simply taking a normal dose. LIFE CHANGER!!

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    I like to stack phenyl with noopept and take it with my preworkout before the gym. It puts me in this zone where i can workout for hours without being tired. very good product but tolerance does build quickly which is why i add it to my preworkout.

  3. (verified owner):


    Seems to be very powerful and demanding chemical. I wouldn’t mix it with any psychedelics – made me VERY fast and edgy. Gives me a headache as well if not taking enough choline. I would recommend for serious workouts and/or brain loads. Appears to be in high quality.

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    Phenylpiracetam is very good for getting into a highly productive flow state. It is more expensive per volume compared to others racetams but is very strong and since not meant for everyday use; therefore will last quite a while. This is true if you take it sparingly, but this should be natural because one can build a tolerance in just a couple of days.

  5. (verified owner):


    The expensive Racetam that made me optimistically narcissistic

    This is a Racetam which actually made me really optimistically narcissistic… I’ll explain what I mean by that a little later…

    While they are very different smart drugs, for me Phenylpiracetam is very similiar to Modafinil…
    It you want to get so focused on complicated technical work, that even though you are working somewhere public, like a coffee shop, and your friends and maybe even attractive members of the opposite sex are very nearby, you don’t look up from your computer for hours and hours, Phenylpiracetam.
    Like Modafinil, it’s gold for complicated logical problem solving, If your billable rate is over three figures hourly, you watched Star Trek growing up and you have a StackOverflow account, Phenylpiracetam is probably your kind of drug. It really lets you go deep into a wormhole of focus.
    Usually I need to listen to music, audio programs or watch documentaries about WW2 while I work, but on Phenylpiracetam I was able to work for hours without audio infotainment.
    I hit new high scores in Lumosity frequently, especially in the math related games.
    Here’s something that freaks me out a little [cut to video of me cooking] it does make you forget to eat, it also made me forget to go to the bathroom.

    Meditation is tricky while dosed on Phenyl. I upped the dosage to 1000 milligrams one day and I found meditation particularly challenging. When I was trying to put my mind into ‘blue sky’ mode, it just kept chasing thoughts or analyzing them instead of letting them pass and staying observational.

    As the optimistic narcissism…
    I did 500 milligrams normally and it always made me really positive about myself, which I think speaks to the potent antidepressant effects of the drug.

    I started watching my videos (there’s a lot!) and feeling really good about what I’m doing…

    Many report it as being an almost antisocial smart drug, for me the positive mindset it put me in offset this. I did socialize and practice pickup on it, which it’s not great for… I actually stacked it with Phenibut, because I wanted to see if the positivity and focus of the Phenyl complimented the tranquility and playfulness of the Phenibut. Which it didn’t really…

    My favorite smart drug to stack it with was…
    Modafinil. Anytime I wanted to have a crazy productive +10 hour day, what I would do was take the Modafinil first thing in the morning and in the mid afternoon after I had hit the top of the cognitive enhancement bell curve of the Modafinil, the Phenyl. This didn’t mess with the my sleep cycles so I would do it maybe once or twice a week.

    It’s regarded as physical or athletic performance enhancer, I tried taking it a couple of times before going salsa dancing or taking lessons and I have nothing to report

    It’s expensive…
    This little 10 gram bag costs $70, the recommended dosage is 350 – 500 milligrams, so that’s not even that many doses that you get out of one bag. 10 grams of Piracetam costs less than a dollar and 10 grams of Noopept costs $15, so it’s one of the more expensive wider powders that you can spend your money on. See the Racetam dosage comparison infographic above.

    Once upon a dawn, following a crazy (yet sober – for me!) night, I took Phenyl to combat the exhaustion, which it did a great job of for about 2 hours then the lack of sleep got the best of me, I got really unfocused and unproductive.

    The taste is bad…
    It has a reputation as one of the worst tasting smart drugs and Phenyl deserves it! It’s a powder and it tastes like a eating a live tarantula.

    Bottom line…
    I don’t think I’ll reorder Phenylpiracetam because for me Modafinil or even Aniracetam had a pretty similar effect and doesn’t taste like as bad are better values. Why would people would want to it?
    For some people the optimistic effect is much more pronounced and puts them into a very rare mindset that makes the challenges of life more manageable.
    If you already take Modafinil and you want something to compliment it.
    They have $70 and want to throw an interesting new molecule at their brain chemistry.

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    I really like this product; it has helped me be more focused and have more energy. I tried some piracetam from other sources before and it didn’t seem to be as effective. Peak Nootropics makes quality products.

  7. (verified owner):


    The student lifestyle (irregular sleep cycles and the stress of impending deadlines) tends to lead to periods of sleep deprivation in which it is simply impossible to function effectively. With phenylpiracetam, I seem to be able to function at peak efficiency on a minimum of sleep which, whilst undesirable, is sometimes unavoidable. It seems to keep me mentally alert and focused without the anxiety and restlessness that accompanies caffeine.

    A fine product, and a fine distributor.

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    Awesome product and wonderful company! The product is exactly as described and the best racetam I have tried.

  9. (verified owner):


    I stacked Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam along with choline. WOW! I felt in the FLOW, that feeling of being connected. I went for my usual swim workout and I had much more endurance and I didn’t seem to get tired.
    I am definitely going to be doing the same stack on my workout days.

  10. (verified owner):


    Phenylpiracetam works just as described. It helps you focus and pay attention. It also gives you a bit of mental energy that helps when you’re lacking. This is a great product – I use it as a substitute for ADHD medications.

  11. :


    Im really pleased with the purity and quality of this product, leaps and bounds better than my past experiences with other online nootropics. I fully trust Peak Nootropics with every one of their products and continue to come back for the customer service and quality products!

  12. (verified owner):


    I’m not too surprised there aren’t any reviews for this yet, I don’t understand why Phenylpiracetam is so under-utilized considering how immensely potent and uniquely effective it is; in my opinion it’s the superior racetam and here’s why it’s well, well, well worth the price.

    We’ll save the discussion of subjective effects for the end as we all experience these inspiring compounds differently. Let’s begin with the pharmacokinetics:

    Potency-PhenylP’s active dose range can be as low as 25mg so don’t let the quantity/price ratio fool you, this is the most potent racetam synthesized to date (noopept doesn’t have the 2-oxo-pyrollidine skeleton so it isn’t technically a racetam but we’ll get to why PhenylP > noopept later on) and more cost effective than Prami.

    Duration/Half-Life- PhenylP has a half-life on the longer side of the spectrum of racetams and much longer than that of aniracetam or noopept at ~3.5 hours which, if taken with fat (we’ll touch solubility next); I don’t redose later in the day, I use centrophenoxine and huperzine to help hold the effects which give me a window of effect from 10am – 7, even later with the addition of tyrosine later in the day.

    Solubility- PhenylP is water soluble so no worrying about needing to take it with food. However, a great tool this yields is that you can cater your effects with whether or not you imbibe with or without food, especially fats. Take on an empty stomach for a fast come-on and shorter duration (like a last minute push the night before an exam) or with a glob of peanut butter before and after to drastically slow absorption and prolong the duration of effects.

    Extraneous Effects- like most racetams PhenylP is a neuroprotectant with what we’ve seen so far to be a slightly elevated aptitude for healing blood vessels in the brain and improving glial cell function. Additionally, PhenylP joins oxiracetam as the only two racetams to be recognized as stimulants.

    As a biochemist who develops supplement cocktails (I won’t shamelessly plug myself, suffice to say that I work with a compoudning pharmacy), the above should be reason enough to try Phenylpiracetam and Peak’s source provides the best quality product I’ve found with a consistent yield. Peak’s double-bagging is really nice too.

    As for subjective effects…

    PhenylP provides (subjectively) the most desirable boosts to certain cognitive functions; for me this is insight– ease at aquiring and comprehending material; intellectual creativity– my ability to develop solutions; focus (this substance is banned by American sports leagues because it does, objectively, improve the ability to exert), and interest– there must be some dopamine agonism going on somewhere because PhenylP noticably improves my motivation.

    To close, this is my favorite nootropic and I’m a raving fan so don’t take what I say as the end-all. That being said, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade working to find a way to overcome the problems I experience with narcolepsy and being raised on adderall. A stack centered on Phenylpiracetam (it mixes miraculously well with other racetams too, I do so with prami = beast mode) gives that to me, a solution to easily lost focus and fatigue/brain fog that can make me lazy as hell. It’s so nice not to have to redoes throughout the day too.

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