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  • Strongest Racetam
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Pramiracetam is derived from the common parent racetam, Piracetam and was developed in Belgium during the 1970’s.  Pramiracetam is known under the chemical name, [N-[2-[bis(1-methylethyl)amino]ethyl]-2 oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide sulfate] and is highly water soluble.  Pramiracetam is more efficient than Piracetam as is estimated to be 15-30 times stronger in potency.

CAS:  68497-62-1


Pramiracetam Uses

The many uses of pramiracetam can be researched via a search of our blog, as well as by reading reviews by users.  Other sources of information include:


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  1. (verified owner):


    Awesome stuff, I have two learning disabilities, this helped me get though my mechanical engineering studies.

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    If you mix it with about a half a teaspoon of olive oil it reduces the bad bitter taste significantly.

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    I started taking prami about a week ago. You can feel the effects almost right away. The few first days it made me a bit sleepy but that went away and now i feel an intense focus lasting all day long. Im able to remember random things from years ago. Prami is great for long lasting effects and focus .

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    Powerful. Really have to pound the choline with this one…I first took it for a lacrosse game and played outstandingly but slept for ten hours afterwards! Great product though.

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    Good stuff!

  6. (verified owner):


    The positivity Racetam

    It puts me into a state of pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves.

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    My computer typing is amazingly faster when on this racetam, great articulation and and rapid analyzing information during conversations.

  8. (verified owner):


    The taste isn’t good but does not outweigh the effectiveness of the product. I take this with Alpha GPC. I am 49 years old and started noticing that my concentration and focusing were going downhill. When I lost the love for reading (no depression) hard to focus. I knew I needed help. After reading several positive reviews I decided to give this a try. It definitely worked. Not only did my concentration and focus improve, I have noticed other health benefits. I know this is not statistically proven and can only speak for myself. I feel better. I have suffered from COPD, arthritis and anxiety for many years. After taking this, I require less as needed medications. I have the energy to get on my treadmill and overall I feel much better. I will never stop learning and look for things to learn. With this I have the capability to keep my intelligence and focus.

  9. (verified owner):


    It is a noticeable difference between Pramiracetam and Aniracetam. Alertness, concentration and focus was longer. I did not like the taste, so I used some empty caplets to take it without the taste.

  10. (verified owner):


    Really helped to increase both my focus, mental fatigue and concentration both while studying aswell as reading books. Really an impressive compound and of all the sources from which i’ve bought pramiracetam, PeakNootropics really have the one which have given me the best effect! Not to mention their super quick support.

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    Love this stuff! I’ve been waiting for the Phenylpiracetam to arrive but while it was out of stock I figured I would give this a try and boy am I glad I did! I am an entrepreneur that works around the clock right now building 5 brands so I need all of the brain power I can get. I’ve even had compliments from people I know recently asking how I go all day like I do and my brain just feels on point all the time. It’s a good feeling…

  12. (verified owner):


    Well worth the money and you can feel the effects within minutes. Helped boost my concentration and wakefulness when taken before studying and helped improve my grades and attention in class. The only reason I give this a 4 out of 5 stars is because of the awful taste of this product. No matter what you mix it with you can still taste it and it is a lingering taste that takes awhile to get used to. Had to use the method of parachuting it in order to take it. Other than that this product is fantastic.

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