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50 – 100 grams

  • Memory Enhancement
  • Increased Learning
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Improved Mood

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Product Description

Recommended dosage: 1-2g
Directions: Aniracetam is fat soluble. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Extremely rare side effects may include allergic reactions. Consult a doctor prior to using. By using our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.
Aniracetam is a racetamic and Ampakine drug that is slightly higher in potency than Piracetam. It was developed in the 1970’s by chemist, Hoffmann La-Roche and can be synthesized by reacting GABA or 2-Pyrrolidone with Anisoyl choloride. Aniracetam is fat soluble and its half-life is considerably shorter than the other racetams. The substance was used as parent compound to help create the new nootropic Ampakine drug class.

Mechanism of Action

Aniracetam’s method of action is similar to the other racetams. It has been shown to specifically stimulate the AMPA receptor site. The AMPA receptor is the most common glutamate activated receptor associated with Central Nervous System and its functions. AMPA receptors play a role in learning and memory formation. Aniracetam seems to have a higher affinity with the AMPA recptors than other racetamic compounds.

Another interesting action of Aniracetam is the observed anxiety reducing effects. It completes this action without causing sedation and the anxiolytic benefit of the substance has been extensively studied in animal models. This anxiolytic response is believed to be caused in part, by activation of the D2 and D3 Dopamine receptors. Nicotinic ACh receptor activation is also belived to contribute to anxiolytic effects and nootropic effects. Additionally, Aniracetam seems to enact on the 5-HTP(2a) receptor which helps to process Serotonin and may further advance anxiolytic/anti-depressant functions.

Aniracetam Use

Aniracetam is registered for medical use in some countries which is made available by prescription. Some of the common trade names are: Draganon, Memrodrin and Sarpul.Currently, it is approved for general memory and attention disorders and is commonly given to the elderly to help reduce symptoms of degenerative cognitive disorders.

In North America, and other countries Aniracetam has no registered use but can be obtained over-the-counter as a nootropic agent. It is commonly stacked with other racetams or used by itself. Benefits and results seem to range from user to user. It is not recommended as a primary therapy for medical conditions but may have benefits in reducing certain medical and physiological symptoms and side effects. Many have had results with Aniracetam in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms but this should not be its primary function or used in conjunction with other therapies without professional consultation.

Aniracetam Benefits

As stated above, Aniracetam can have many off-label uses. It is considered a fairly safe and low toxicity substance to improve cognition and memory or reduce anxiety symptoms. Like other racetams, it can have an added benefit of reducing free radicals and oxidative stress in the brain which can lead to degenerative diseases and neurological complications. It should not be used as a main line of defence or treatment for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia but may have merit in reducing some of the symptoms associated. Below, are some of the common observed benefits of Aniracetam. Results may vary.

  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Learning Ability
  • Improved Cognitive Processing
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Heightened Perception
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Reduced Depression

If you suffer from a medical condition, do not use Aniracetam as a primary therapy. It may be used in conjunction with other therapies however it is always recommended to consult a licensed medical professional prior to administration. Limited data about side effects and interactions have been recorded and safety should be evaluated by a doctor before on or off-label usage.

Aniracetam Safety & Side Effects

Aniracetam, as a generic chemical and patented drug has been shown to be effective in improving overall cognition and mental processing. Side effects and tolerance are rare occurrences and usually occur in higher doses or recurrent use.

There is limited date on fatalities or severe side with Aniracetam. Brain toxicity and hepatoxicity are unrecorded and the substance is deemed to be safe by several patented manufacturers of the drug. It should never be used as a self-medication practice for physiological problems. Never self-prescribe and always practice due diligence by speaking with a doctor before use.

  • Common Side Effects Include:
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal Problems

You may experience other side effects that the ones listed above. If you experience side effects, discontinue use immediately and consult medical advice. Limiting dosage amount and frequency can often reduce or eliminate side effects and symptoms of use. Using Aniracetam with other supplements or drugs can increase side effects. Stacking Aniracetam with a choline source is recommended and can often help with some of the above symptoms. It is generally safe to stack Aniracetam with other racetams but it is recommended to evaluate individual results on each substance before doing so.

Tolerance can occur with frequent use of Aniracetam but there are few reports of negative withdrawal symptoms. Often, tolerance will result in a reduction of desired benefits. Tolerance does not appear to be life threatening or dangerous. Cycling Aniracetam with other racetam or nootropic compounds is the best practice to avoid tolerance issues.

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  1. (verified owner):


    Arrived very quickly and well packaged. I’ll go for capsules next time though, because the powder has a bitter taste and is difficult to measure exactly.

  2. :


    I am a retired doctor and have been using aniracetam for over ten years from different companies. PeakNootropics aniracetam is the best I have used.
    It gives clarity, focus, calmness and noticeable bilateral brain function.
    Personally I have found the effect to increase over time.
    I take the powder by mouth and mix with some MCT oil which dissolves the lipid soluble aniracetam so it absorbes directly in the mouth and goes to the brain thereby bypassing liver metabolism.
    I appreciate the high quality ,fast service,
    ease of ordering.

    Arun S.

  3. :


    My all time favourite racetam from my favourite supplier. Solid cognitive boost with a superior mood lift to match. This one is particularly well-suited for producing natural, confident, witty and fun social interaction. Can’t recommend it enough.

  4. (verified owner):


    My favorite. Makes me creative, makes me want to do stuff, definitely helps with self esteem plus memory enhancement. Recommend to musicians and artists. Great to mix with pretty much anything. I wish it would be in stock more often..

  5. (verified owner):


    A clumpy focus drug for nerds

    It modulates the Ampakine receptor in the brain, Ampakinic drugs have actually been investigated by Darpa. Which is the shadowy military research organization that there’s all kind of crazy conspiracy theories about. So if the US government wants to hire me to broker a interstellar peace arrangement with aliens, or travel back in time to save JFK you can find my resume on LinkedIN.

    The packet it comes in is pretty small but the dosage needed for affect is a lot lower than Piracetam. A dosage of 1500-2000 milligrams puts me into a very focused state for 3-6 hours.

    Aniracetam actually reminds of Modafinil in that I don’t feel really energetic on it, I just find myself being really focused on whatever I’m doing. I’m not distracted by checking Facebook and email every 15 minutes. I’m an classic ADHD personality so anything that helps me to be immune to distraction while working is well worth my money.

    I think I’m going to list Dual N-back brain training as a cofactor of Aniracetam because the two compliment each other so nicely. While I was enhanced on Aniracetam I got my highest brain training scores along with actually enjoying the usually ‘bore yourself to tears’ dual n-back ‘game’. This makes me think that Aniracetam would be a good cognitive enhancer for competitive gamers.

    The viscosity of the Aniracetam is not exactly ideal for consumption in powder form, when you scope the Aniracetam out of the baggy and dump it into a glass of water it clumps right up, even if you try to mix it up with a spoon or straw. I drink it like a shot and chase it with glass of green tea to wash down the clumps. I’ve taken a lot of weird tasting supplements…
    Some taste like gasoline
    Some taste really bitter
    Some taste really natural and ‘green’
    Aniracetam in comparison has a very boring taste, it kind of tastes like dirt – once when I was a kid I ate dirt, so I know!
    Overall, I can see why people pay extra for Aniracetam in pill form
    50 Grams in pill form $38
    50 Grams in powder form $30

    The packaging is very no frills and utilitarian, one thing I appreciate is that it is double bagged in a metallic baggy and a plastic baggy. As traveler who carries these powders over international powders I also appreciate that it comes with a paper that states what it is, in case I need to prove to a border guard that it’s legal.

    I can tell when the Aniracetam kicks in because I get sweaty palms.

    Those who are acquainted with Piracetam know that you need to take choline with it to balance your neurotransmitters. Otherwise, you can get a headache from ‘being to focused’. I’m not taking any choline supplements right now, however I don’t really get this with Aniracetam, I took it at quite high dosages and I never got any headaches.

    Aniracetam has a reputation as a social smart drug, which is something of course that I experimented with. I did about 4 grams of Aniracetam over the course of day that was particularly socially demanding; I had to lead a class of foreign language students for several hours (something I do for fun) then I had sushi with friends followed by a night of dancing. This day I was definitely more witty, self amused and I was a little smoother in my second language, but it was a pretty subtle effect, it definitely didn’t turn me into Casanova or give me Obama-like public speaking skills. This won’t be my go to social start drug going forward…

    I partied on a stack of Aniracetam and Phenibut, and I drank a single beer. I slept well and woke up feeling not exactly hung over but I was definitely tired which is probably due to staying up dancing till 2AM.

    There’s an idea of a Hedonic Setpoint, which is the level of pleasure that you find novel. This is why some people are perfectly satisfied by spending their weekend watching football and drinking a beer where as other people need to race a sports car, go skydiving, party in crazy nightclub, or have group sex to be entertained. I think, similarly we all have different ‘Stimulatory Setpoints’ that are adjustable like the Hedonic Setpoint. I know that my Stimulatory Setpoint is pretty high since I drink a lot of coffee and consume a lot of Nootropics.

    I probably would not purchase this again because
    I’ve got a lot of other Nootropics that I need to field test.
    I didn’t find it more or less cognitively enhancing than Piracetam. At the rate I’m consuming this little 50 gram bag Piracetam is actually a better value.
    For only $8 more I can get it in capsule form that I just have to swallow as opposed to the awkward experience of consuming it in it’s powderized form.

    However, I could see myself returning to Aniracetam if I had a project that was going to require really next level focus for a period of 30-45 days.

    A lot of people are none responders too or get headaches from Piracetam so I would recommend Aniracetam to them because it is a very proven smart drug, yet it has a totally different mechanism of action.

  6. :


    Email login resolved within 12hours, shipping was damn fast, no BS, legit product. Will be ordering again.

  7. :


    Aniracetam was my first nootropic stacked with citicholine.Had brilliant results.Improved clarity and concentration.Reduced anxiety and depression.Am currently looking to purchase it for a stack.Thanks peak nootropics for making it available and for good customer service.I would especially recommend this for someone who struggles with anxiety especially surrounding new situations

  8. :


    One of the best Nootropics to induced mental clarity, calm energy ,wakefulness and focus. It stacks well with my piracetam,noopept,citicoline and modafinil.
    As per usual Peaknootropics products are Amazing. I will definitely be buying more in the future.My next in line will be PHENYLPIRACETAM and CENTROPHENOXINE.

  9. :


    It’s a great product and was shipped RIDICULOUSLY fast!

  10. (verified owner):


    My favorite product on the site! Thank you for great, fast delivery and a quality product. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience with this site. My thinking is quite clear now.

  11. :


    Amazing stuff! While a professional wrestler for TNA Impact wrestling I am also a Flight Paramedic and Med School Student. For me, being 100% “on” mentally can literally be life or death. After years of just downing caffiene to get that temporary mental boost ( and all the jitters along with it) I found Peak Nootropics. Wow not only can I not thank them enough for the mental focus theyve given me but so can all the TNA wrestling fans, my Professors, and all of my patients! Im a fan for life!

  12. (verified owner):


    Stacks really well with Piracetam.

    Aniracetam significantly reduces my anxiety and improves my ability to focus on more important things.

    Noticed I require less sleep now as well.

  13. (verified owner):


    I really enjoyed ordering through PeakNootropics, everything showed up as promised and the prices were extremely competitive. Aniracetam really helps boost my studying to a new and makes focusing that much easier. Two thumbs up!

  14. (verified owner):


    Tried Aniracetam for the first time through PeakNootropics. I’m fairly impressed with the ability to focus and get work done. My wife says her memory has improved greatly as well. Were taking pretty low doses but the effects are clear. Shipping was prompt also.

  15. (verified owner):


    I find that I appreciate Aniracetam more and more as I use it. I began with Piracetam about 2 years ago and just added Aniracetam in the last year or so, and while the differences can be subtle, the two complement each other very well. Aniracetam seems to make my entire cognitive function smoother and more relaxed but with full sharpness and alertness. In particular it seems to help me make mental connections, as with relating memories or making other comparisons, more quickly and with less effort. I wouldn’t say this is absolutely essential to my stack, but it’s a great value and frankly I’d hate to be without it now.

  16. (verified owner):


    Definitely one of my favorite Nootropics and the quality was as good as I had hoped!

  17. (verified owner):


    I first tried Aniracetam in a stack with Noopept. The different benefit was quickly evident. I felt a more calm focus and it did have mood-enhancing effects. I feel as though it opened up a bit more in the way of my emotional intelligence as well. Highly recommended.

  18. :


    Aniracetam is definitely best when used as a stack (at least from my experience) with other nootropics such as Piracetam. I feel really relaxed and at ease, a sense that everything will turn out alright and an indescribable confidence in my ability to make good decisions. The people who run this website are extrememly well organised in terms of shipping and replying to emails.

  19. (verified owner):


    I noticed improvement in memory, concentration and better feeling with reduced anxiety. I take this with citicoline and I will be ordering my 3rd batch of aniracetam.

  20. (verified owner):


    I have tried Noopept prior to this, which i only to take little bit compare to Aniracetam. This is more gentle .

  21. :


    2.5 Stars because I’m not quite sure I’m experiencing the same affects as suggested & stated by others who use it. I even took it with extra Choline as recommended. I can’t say it bad & I can’t say it’s great. I did received the product rather quickly & correspondence with customer service was good. I did suggest that they add a batch number to the product along with it’s expiration. I did not have them with I ordered, just the order # & receipt. They stated going forward, they would work on that.

  22. (verified owner):


    Product and company is top quality. I’ve been a customer for 2 years and will continue.

  23. (verified owner):


    The first time I used Aniracetam I noticed a definite improvement in my concentration and I was able to comprehend and retain more information than usual. I stacked the Aniracetam with Alpha GPC for a choline source. I believe these nootropics will definitely help me with my studies as an Instrumentation Technician Apprentice.

  24. (verified owner):


    Soon after taking Aniracetam everything seemed to get sharper and a feeling of clarity. I noticed an improved perception of my surrounding and seemed to retain more information. A very positive result! Peak Nootropics has answered my emails quickly and with the information I was seeking. I’m looking forward to trying some other nootropics.

  25. (verified owner):


    First off, thumbs up to the PeakNootropics team. I haven’t been involved with a company that has been so cooperative and helpful in a very long time. I am in law school, and while I’m not learning the piano in 2 days, I do notice a marked improvement in my ability to concentrate and retain the enormous amount of information they throw at us. I stack this product with citicoline and I am about to add piracetam. This company has won a loyal customer for a long time to come. Thank You PeakNootropics!!

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