NooCube Review

Our lead writer and nootropics expert James Dixon uses NooCube personally. So naturally he was our ideal candidate to test, research and write our NooCube review. Find out why he loves this supplement so much below…

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It’s common enough to feel like your brain can’t cope with the stresses and strains of daily modern life. We are bombarded with information to a staggering degree, have a million things on the go at any one time, and have too many things to jungle. Anxiety rates are through the roof and yet more is often still asked of us.

If you’re struggling, the first thing you should do, of course, is try to unburden yourself. Shut out some of that input, if you can. Be kind to yourself. Try not to take so much on.

The second thing you should do is reach for a high-quality nootropic – a supplement often referred to as a ‘smart drug’, designed to help optimize your cognitive and mental health, wellbeing, and functioning.

And if you want a good quality nootropic, there are none better than NooCube. I’ve used it extensively and continue to do so – but if you need more than just that quick intro to convince you, then read on for my full NooCube review…

TLDR: NooCube Verdict

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NooCube is just about the best nootropic supplement on the market. It’s what I use near enough daily to improve my cognition and mental wellbeing.

There really aren’t many supplements that can come close to matching its quality or efficacy.

What is NooCube?

NooCube is a nootropic supplement. Nootropics are a broad grouping of natural supplements and sometimes even medicinal substances which work to improve human thinking, learning, and memory, especially where these functions are working sub optimally.

NooCube has been around for about seven years, which is actually quite a long time in the nootropic marketplace. It’s made by supplement heavyweights Wolfson Brands, one of my personal favorite supplement companies.

They are the company behind such industry stalwarts as CrazyBulk, PhenQ, and TestoPrime. They’re also based in my hometown of Glasgow, so excuse a little bias.

NooCube is geared towards those with heavy workloads and limited time in which to complete them – students, professionals, (writers like me!), and so on. It aims to enhance cognitive performance and mental wellbeing whilst steering clear of harsh stimulants like caffeine. All ingredients are natural, healthy, well-sourced, and intelligently dosed and blended.

As a nootropic, or so called ‘smart drug’, NooCube’s main goal is to improve cognition and protect longer-term brain health, which it does incredibly well.

What does NooCube do?

NooCube works along five distinct yet interwoven pathways in the body and brain. Individually, these benefits are incredibly useful. Stacked, they become really quite profound.

Firstly, NooCube should aid with sharper focus. It can be hard to concentrate fully on any given task, especially when the task is a little uninspiring or a bit of a slog.

Our minds wander. We procrastinate and distract ourselves.

It can lead to a lot of time wasted, cause us to miss deadlines, and can rob us of the moment. In undoing this distraction, in improving our focus, NooCube gives a really quite substantial gift, here.

This is coupled with an increased attention span. When you get focussed, you stay focussed, for a lot longer than you might otherwise manage. Boosting our attention span means fewer breaks and a far greater ability to commit to any given task.

NooCube can also boost your memory, especially your short-term memory. It aids with recall, allowing you to flow more fluently without having to keep stopping and trying to remember what seems to be just on the tip of your tongue. It cuts through brain fog incredibly well.

It can also aid with eye-brain connection, which may sound a little odd. Certainly, few if any other nootropics focus on it. It’s a great idea, though.

NooCube focusses on eye health. Our eyes take a lot of strain in our daily lives, especially for those of us who work on a computer – or those who spend a lot of time staring at their phones and/or watching TV. The blue light our devices emit can cause damage to our eyes, though. This can be long-term, it can disrupt our sleep patterns, and it can greatly age our brains.

NooCube seeks to mitigate this damage. In turn, this should lead to improved sleep quality, with obvious cognitive and mental health benefits, whilst keeping our brains young.

It isn’t all about performance and squeezing every last drop out of your brain, however. Indeed, we’ve already seen the focus shift to wellbeing with NooCube’s benefits to the eyes. This is carried on in its ability to mitigate stress and anxiety.

As I mentioned above, stress and anxiety are at an all time high as modern life bombards us. This can cripple our sense of wellbeing. It can greatly inhibit productivity as it keeps us from working to our full potential.

For the sake of our mental and cognitive health, we need to find ways in which to cope with it.

NooCube can help a great deal. It can lower stress levels and aid the body in better adapting to it, thus lowering anxiety in the long run. Many of the ingredients included in its formula are well-known, incredibly potent stress busters that have been proven to work.

NooCube Ingredients

So how does NooCube elicit these benefits? In short, the same as any other top-tier nootropic supplement does, with a stellar list of some of the best ingredients going.

The formula kicks off with 250 mg of bacopa monnieri extract.

Bacopa monnieri, or water hyssop, is a creeping herb most commonly (though not exclusively) found in India’s wetlands. It has a long history of use in traditional forms of medicine, where it has often been a staple for centuries. It is thought to reduce anxiety levels whilst also improving memory, making it a frontrunner in the search for good quality nootropic ingredients.

There is a fair amount of clinical data supporting bacopa monnieri’s use – especially for memory.

Studies looking into mostly elderly participants have found that it does indeed aid memory. In fact, it has been used as a successful supplementary treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Then there are a couple of amino acids that I always like to see in a good nootropic, l-tyrosine, dosed at 250 mg per serving, and l-theanine, dosed at 100 mg.

L-tyrosine is produced naturally in the body from the amino acid phenylalanine. It is crucial for the formation of various hormones and neurotransmitters. It also aids in melatonin production. Here, its main role is in helping to control the stress neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine whilst also improving memory.

L-theanine, meanwhile, isn’t essential to human health, but can bring about a few very beneficial effects. It is generally found in green and black tea, alongside a few fungi, though in far smaller amounts than a serving of NooCube offers.

L-theanine is particularly good for mitigating the effects of anxiety. It encourages serotonin production. Serotonin helps to stabilize your mood and make you happier and more positive.

Then you get 175 mg of cat’s claw concentrate, another ingredient I like to see in good quality nootropics.

It’s an Amazonian vine (whose thorns resemble cat claws, giving it its name) that has seen millennia of use in traditional Central and South American medicine forms.

It can be used for a great many things – these days it is common to find it as a supplement for treating everything from haemorrhoids and arthritis to cancer and Alzheimer’s. This last one is important – though cat’s claw is typically used for its immune boosting properties, it can help fight neurodegenerative disease by preventing the brain’s aging, or at least slowing it down.

NooCube doesn’t shy away from taking ancient wisdom and bundling it up into modern, scientifically backed supplements. For example, it also uses oat straw concentrate, dosed here at 150 mg per serving. It has been used for centuries and is taken from the stems and leaves of unripened sativa plants.

It’s thought that oat straw can heighten vascularity, thus leading to an increase in blood flow to the brain. This means more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, leading to improved alertness, attentiveness, and energy, as well as everything your brain needs to properly heal and regenerate.

Then there is marigold extract, of which you get 20 mg per serving of NooCube. It’s a traditional cure for common skin complaints. However, it is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which may help to boost memory, cognitive function, and recall, though more research is needed.

NooCube is one of the only nootropics out there to use Alpha GPC, one of my all-time favourite nootropic ingredients. It contains 50 mg of the stuff, which should give you plenty of benefits. Alpha GPC is a natural, potent choline compound. Choline works as a precursor to acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter involved in attention, memory, and skeletal muscle contraction.

Including it should thus lead to improved attention and memory, with some added benefits to athleticism (it is thought to be able to improve your vertical jump!)

You get a good dose of antioxidants with NooCube. Plenty of these come from its inclusion of 14.3 mg of resveratrol, which is typically found in blueberry, grape, mulberry, and raspberry skins. It should complement the marigold extract in keeping your brain young, in large part by warding against oxidative stress whilst fighting inflammation.

These anti-inflammatory properties should also aid alertness and focus. There is a wealth of clinical data backing up resveratrol’s benefits.

NooCube also includes pterostilbene sourced from blueberries. Pterostilbene is thought to bring benefits to all manner of health issues. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic and should also help to protect against diabetes and vascular diseases.

In a nootropic setting, it has been shown to help ward against neurodegenerative diseases, especially in older adults. 

Biotin, or vitamin B7, plays many roles within the human body. NooCube includes it for its ability to maintain nervous system health. This should in theory lead to reduced anxiety and greater resistance to stress, whilst also improving sleep quality and lifting overall energy levels.

It’s a well-rounded, well-dosed list underpinned by a great deal of scientific research. Though my praise for NooCube is generally based on my own lived experience of it (see below), this ingredients list should pique anybody’s interest. It’s no wonder it’s such a potent supplement.

Using NooCube

NooCube is incredibly easy to take and live with. Simply throw back two capsules, ideally in the morning, with a glass of water, with or without food.

Given its un-caffeinated nature, I typically take it with my morning coffee (the reason I like an un-caffeinated supplement is that I like to regulate my own caffeine intake through coffee) and do so on an empty stomach, preferring to keep to an intermittent fasting schedule.

Some of the ingredients will take a little while to get into your system, so give them a chance to get going by taking it earlier rather than later. This being said, you should begin to notice the difference within an hour.

And what a difference it makes.

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Let’s look at those five strands individually. Or, rather, four of those strands, as I’ve honestly got no idea if my eye-brain connection was improved! How does one notice or measure this? I’m not sure, though I will say that I sleep better with NooCube than without it, so perhaps it’s working?

Firstly, there is the focus. I can feel myself becoming sharper, more attuned to what I’m doing, far less distracted.

There is often a sort of brain fog at the corner of my mind that can descend as I’m writing. It causes delays and messes with my fluency. This disappears when I’m taking NooCube. I enter a flow state far more readily and my fingers fly across the keypad, blasting out my daily word count with far greater ease.

Of course, a lot of this is down to recall. As a writer, I can’t really afford to have words stuck on the tip of my tongue (or whatever the equivalent is for non-verbal communications?) It’s all just there.

It’s not just vocabulary, either. I am a health and fitness specialist, well-versed in the industry, with a fair scientific backing to my approach. This needs a wide, deep, accessible memory bank to pull off, which can be a struggle at times. Improving my access to this memory bank with a good nootropic like NooCube is invaluable.

My attention span grows, too. Or, at least, I find a great increase to my ability to work in a consistent block, focussing on one or two things, without procrastinating. Which I suppose is a good working definition of attention span, particularly for a writer.

Distractions don’t distract me as much. I don’t seek them out like I normally would. Whole hour-long chunks of work-time can go by without me feeling the need to stream videos or check social media, which improves my efficiency, time management, and even my wellbeing no end.

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I find my anxiety levels falling when I’m taking NooCube, which I put down to a couple of factors. The first is what the supplement gives me. The second is what it enables me to forego elsewhere – namely, caffeine.

I drink about half the amount of coffee each day when I’m taking NooCube as I otherwise would. Caffeine stimulates cortisol production. It’s a stressor which leads to heightened anxiety and a susceptibility to stress.

NooCube’s benefits allow me to go without – I don’t need it for energy and focus like I otherwise would. This automatically leads to a decrease in stress levels.

Then there are the ingredients themselves. They go a long way to calming and soothing, reducing stress and anxiety. It really is a big win – I liken it to meditation, which I practice regularly (on or off NooCube, as I recommend anybody do), only in pill form, if that makes sense?

As above, NooCube gives a sense of greater energy without the jitters that stimulants like caffeine often lead to. This may be down to improved blood flow, thus more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, improved sleep quality, improved clarity, several other possibilities, or most likely a mixture of all of these.

Either way, I’m able to go without so much caffeine whilst having more than enough level-headed energy to get me through the day.

In short, NooCube does everything you want it to do. It’s quite undramatic, as it should be – this is a streamlining of your cognitive processes combined with natural, calm enhancements, not the heart-pounding, laser focus you get with other, lesser nootropic supplements.

Everything is relaxed and more efficient, with a far greater sense of flow and engagement. It really is lovely to experience.

My final take

If you want to try a good nootropic (and honestly, you should give it a go at least once in your life), you really can’t do any better than NooCube.

As I discussed above, it isn’t a heart-pounding, high-octane experience. If you want that, espresso is the way to go.

Rather, you find a flow state far easier to come by, a greater sense of efficiency across all areas of your executive function (emotion control, working memory, focus, planning/prioritization, task initiation, organization, time management, defining and achieving goals, observation and stress tolerance, flexibility broadly speaking), and a generally far greater sense of wellbeing.

There are few supplements that can so drastically alter your life and way of being. I would recommend it to anyone.