Editorial Standards

We have exceptionally high editorial standards at Peak Nootropics. With the exception of some of the legacy referenced content (highlighted on a per page basis) all content has been through our rigorous editorial procedures.

These editorial standards are in place to aim to ensure our content is always accurate, is factually correct and that it is free from errors.

Our editorial policy is implemented at every stage of the content creation process and starts with the content brief. As a nootropics review website, we are often asked to evaluate a range of products – not all meet the standard that we are happy to promote (in any way) and so these are filtered out at the briefing stage.

Our editorial standards also enable us to meet our core values which you can read more about on our About Us page.

Our standards include:


When reviewing and potentially recommending ingredients and products we have an obligation to only work with companies that we believe to be ethically sound. In many instances, we have long term professional relationships with the companies we promote and in many cases we have visited them or their premises.

We expect all of our staff to uphold this ethical code and it should be apparent in our content.

Experience & Knowledge

There are times where we simply do not have the resources or team members with sufficient experience or knowledge to cover certain topics. Where this is the case we accept our limitations and do not publish content on the topic in question. This means that the content that is published on Peak Nootropics is high quality and produced by members of our team that have been deemed knowledgable and experienced in this topic.

We assign content to our team based on their knowledge, qualifications and experience and oftentimes we will pair staff members together to work on topics as a team.


Above all else we strive for 100% accuracy across all of our content. This strive for perfection is implemented at every single stage of the content creation process. We have our writers check their own facts, cross check each others work, before going in to a final fact checking process with the editor – which in most cases is Jason.


It is important to state that we get compensated for some products that our readers purchase through our links. This helps to fund the work we do here at Peak Nootropics. However, we do not allow there to be any editorial bias as a result of this compensation and we expect our reviewers to test and write their reviews without bias and with full impartiality.

We never accept payment for placements and always look to point out the pros and cons of any product we review.