Brainzyme Focus Pro Review

Nootropic fan Alex Whybrow takes this all in one nootropic supplement for a 30 day test and delivers his full verdict in our Brainzyme Focus Pro review…

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Brainzyme Focus Pro is a natural nootropic supplement with typically big claims. These premium capsules have been designed to help improve your cognition to give you better focus, motivation and energy throughout your working day.

In order to give you the full lowdown in my Brainzyme Focus Pro review, I have spent the last month taking the recommended dose, and I will report my findings below. Before we get to that, though, let’s take a little look at the science and theory behind Brainzyme.

TLDR: Brainzyme Focus Pro Verdict

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Brainzyme Focus Pro is a good quality all-round nootropic that is fast acting and reasonably priced. It includes a long list of nootropic ingredients – some of which are effectively dosed and others less so.

For focus and giving calm brain energy it’s a winner, and although it’s not our preferred nootropic for long term use, it is effective and worth a try for anyone needing a cognitive boost.

Brand Overview: Brainzyme

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Brainzyme Focus Pro is produced by a UK based health supplement company called Better Nutritional Science Ltd. You may have come across some of their other products under the Brainzyme banner – Brainzyme Focus Original and Brainzyme Focus Elite.

Better Nutritional Science was formed in Scotland, UK, in 2015, and since then they have dedicated their business towards harnessing natural ingredients, backed by scientific research, to produce health supplements to an ever-growing market. They produce supplements to support physical health, but their flagship range is the Brainzyme range – one of which we will be focusing on today.

They have built up a solid reputation over the years – their products are well respected by both customers and industry experts, so I was optimistic about trying another of their products. The combination of their experience in the industry and their track record surely bodes well for Brainzyme Focus Pro – right? 

Read on to find out more about them and my own experience with using it…

More About Brainzyme Focus Pro

One of the fascinating things about the nootropic industry is how every product differs slightly. A lot of the theory behind these different supplements is similar, and there are often overlapping ingredients, but each of them has a slightly different aim. There is a slightly different area of brain function that they want to help you with.

For Brainzyme Focus Pro, there are three main areas, which I touched on in my introduction: focus, motivation and energy. These attributes are the trigger for greater productivity and more effective working, which has obvious appeal. It’s all about becoming the best version of yourself.

So – does it work? That’s ultimately what you want to know, right?

Well, like all nootropics, the answer is slightly more complicated than just a blanket ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The best way to understand whether Brainzyme Focus Pro could work for you is to look at the evidence, which I will walk you through in this review.

Brainzyme Focus Pro Ingredient Profile

This is the only place to start – the ingredients. I think it should be made clear at this point that the people behind Brainzyme Focus Pro are passionate about the science behind their products.

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While that doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, I think that it is important that a company shows us the theory behind each ingredient – how else are you supposed to work out which one to go for? Obviously, you could try all of them, but that’s my job, not yours!

Another important note to make here, before we get into what is included with Brainzyme Focus Pro, is what isn’t included: Brainzyme Focus Pro is free from gelatin, sugar, gluten and genetically modified organisms, as well as being vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, allergen-free and soy-free. So far, they check a lot of the boxes.

The recommended dose is two capsules, which is nice and easy to manage. You do occasionally get nootropics that recommend more than five capsules at a time, which can be slightly off-putting, and can contribute to people feeling nauseous when they take them. No such problems here though – they manage to get everything they think you’ll need into two handy capsules.

So now let’s take a look at each ingredient in Brainzyme Focus Pro, and why it’s been included: (Please note that the dosage is based on taking the recommended two capsules.)

Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend – 350mg

Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend is a common ingredient in Brainzyme products. The aim with this blend is to get an all-round ingredient, to act as a base for cognitive improvement. Let’s see how they do it.

The main feature of the blend is the matcha. Matcha is ground green tea leaves, which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It’s usually grown in shady areas and harvested early, when the leaves are still young – the idea here is that all the antioxidant qualities will be more potent at this stage.

You’ll also get caffeine in green tea leaves, which can act as a stimulant for the brain, giving us more energy and alertness in the right doses.

Matcha also contains theanine, which is an amino acid that has many cognitive benefits, like reducing stress and improving focus. This helps to balance out any of the negative effects of caffeine, such as the jittery feeling you can get when you have too much, or anxiety. Caffeine and theanine complement each other beautifully.

Also in the blend, you’ll find EGCG which has many potential health benefits. As well as being considered a fat burner, it also helps to reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar and prevent damage to cells. In terms of cognitive performance, some studies have show it to aid relaxation, reduce stress and increase focused attention. This has led to it being used to help treat people with Alzheimer’s disease. 

You’ll also get polyphenols in this blend, which work to protect our brains. They help to form new brain cells, which in turn helps to prevent the mental decline associated with aging. Polyphenols can also help to make neural connections in our brains, which means we can think quicker. Studies in China have suggested that middle-aged and elderly people that regularly drink green tea have better cognitive function.

To summarize all of that – matcha, and green tea in general, has many health benefits, especially relating to cognitive function.

Guarana Seed – 330mg

Guarana Seed is another ingredient in Brainzyme Focus Pro that contains caffeine, which in itself has many benefits to cognitive function, and we touched on a couple of them in the previous section.

On top of increased brain energy and alertness, people often also experience improved memory, particularly when taking on board new information, enhanced mood as well as quicker reaction times and quicker decision making.

Guarana seed is something that has been used by Amazonian tribes for hundreds of years, believing that it can aid weight loss, physical performance and boost energy. 

While more independent research is required to ascertain the exact extent of these benefits, studies have suggested that the cognitive benefits of taking Guarana Seed is real, with subjects performing better at memory tests, as well as completing complex tasks quicker.

Choline – 290 mg

Usually found in foods such as soybeans, eggs and nuts, choline is a nutrient that is thought to have many benefits to your mental performance and well-being. What is even more impressive about this ingredient is that studies have shown a noticeable improvement in brain function even in younger, healthy brains, as well as preventing age-related cognitive decline. It is no surprise that this is given such a large dose in Brainzyme Focus Pro.

Choline is a precursor to Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which is considered to be the ‘master conductor’ in your brain. Basically, if you can maintain high levels of Acetylcholine, you should be able to think quicker, and with much better memory.

It has been known to help with the symptoms of ADHD, with subjects experiencing better concentration and attention to detail than the control group. It can also help reduce anxiety.

Choline has the potential to be an incredibly useful ingredient and supplement, so we were delighted that it has been included in Brainzyme Focus Pro.

Ginkgo Biloba – 240 mg

Ginkgo biloba is another ingredient that has been used for a very long time by various civilizations, and for a number of different reasons. It comes from a plant, which is thought to be one of the oldest surviving species in the world – it has large fan-shaped leaves and originated in East Asia, which is why it was so prominent in the medicine of that area.

One of the primary uses of ginkgo biloba is to treat age-related cognitive decline, particularly memory loss and issues like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The root of all the benefits of ginkgo biloba comes from the fact that it aids blood circulation in our brain. Poor circulation can lead to a multitude of issues, both cognitive and physical, and so by taking ginkgo, we can help to prevent them

Studies have shown that we can experience improved memory as well as reduce stress – which in turn increases our ability to function when under pressure – when supplementing with gingko biloba. At 240 mg, there is a sizable dose in Brainzyme Focus Pro, but it is fully justified given the evidence.

L-Tyrosine – 230 mg

I don’t think I have come across a nootropic supplement that doesn’t contain L-Tyrosine – there is so much evidence to suggest that this amino acid does great things for our brains that it wouldn’t make any sense to leave it out. Here’s what we know:

L-Tyrosine helps us to produce neurotransmitters which, as we touched on when talking about choline, are absolutely critical to cognitive function. They pass information from one area of our brain to another, so the more we have, and the better they perform, the better our brains function.

This leads to a better cognitive performance all round – much better mental alertness and focus, improved memory, better performance under stress – you’ll even find it easier to switch between tasks and will find you are in a better mood.

The only surprising thing is that L-Tyrosine isn’t a bit higher on the list of ingredients, with a higher dose, such is the strong evidence for its inclusion. However, it is reassuring to see it in there – we know that L-Tyrosine is great for us.

Magnesium – 56 mg

There is now a bit of a drop-off in terms of the dose size of the ingredients, as it seems the people behind Brainzyme Focus Plus start to cover more bases. Each of these ‘extra’ ingredients bring their own benefits to the table, though.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that performs many functions within our bodies – brain function is just one aspect of its benefits.

One of the main reasons behind this is that magnesium helps to maintain and form neural connections, which is critical for learning new skills/information and memory. The better these connections are, the better our brains can function. These connections can also help our reaction time and processing speed.

Some studies have also suggested that people who take magnesium supplements will benefit with better sleep and better mood – and with decreased rates of depression and anxiety. While more information is required in this area, there is enough evidence to justify its inclusion in Brainzyme Focus Pro.

Piperine (95%) – 21 mg

As an active ingredient in black pepper, piperine has been found to have many different cognitive benefits. First of all, it could have an antidepressant effect on us, meaning that our mood is improved and we are less likely to suffer from anxiety if we take piperine.

They also help to increase the levels of our old friends, neurotransmitters – particularly dopamine and serotonin. Not only do these help our brains function, but they also have a positive effect on our mood. On top of that, it is thought that piperine could have neuro-protective properties, which helps fight off stress and inflammation which is associated with cognitive decline.

The most compelling argument for including piperine in Brainzyme Focus Plus, though, is the impact it has on the other ingredients – piperine can aid the absorption of other ingredients, meaning that they are more effectively absorbed into the body. It is the straw that stirs the drink of Brainzyme Focus Plus, making sure you get the maximum benefit.

Bromelain – 20 mg

Commonly found in pineapple, bromelain is a group of enzymes with anti-inflammatory properties, which can lead to some cognitive benefits – most notably the prevention of cognitive decline.

On top of that, though, the neuro-protective properties in bromelain can help it to fight against stress and other damage. It is even thought to have analgesic properties, so may be able to help you deal with pain better, as well as improving your mood.

Finally, some studies have shown that bromelain can help with blood flow in your brain, which as we have seen, can have numerous benefits to cognitive function.

Maca Root – 20 mg

Hailing from Peru, the Maca plant is yet another ingredient with a long history of use in medicine. The main source of its powers is the fact that, as a study of mice in 2014 suggests, maca root can help our brains produce dopamine and noradrenaline.

The main benefit of this is on our mood – we will feel reduced feelings of depression and anxiety, but it could also aid cognitive function with quicker thinking and longer periods of concentration. We might feel increased brain energy, and so be able to work with greater focus for longer.

Vitamin C – 16 mg

It’s not a secret that vitamin C is good for you, but it is occasionally overlooked when it comes to its role in cognitive function.

By reducing stress, inflammation and damage in our brain, vitamin C can help our brains with improved memory, a better mood, improved focus and help prevent cognitive decline. There is no downside to making sure you have enough vitamin C in your body, but there might be more benefits than you originally thought.

Other ingredients

There are a host of other ingredients included in Brainzyme Focus Pro, each coming in at under 10mg. These are (in order of dose size):

Vitamin B3, Iron, Vitamin D3, Zinc, B5 Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, B1, B9, Iodine and Vitamin B12.

Each of these have a part to play when it comes to cognitive function, all looking at the main three areas: more focus, more energy and more motivation.

What’s Missing From Brainzyme Focus Pro?

With such an extensive list of ingredients, it’s surprising that there is anything that they haven’t included, but there are a few other ingredients that may have been overlooked. These include:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Resveratrol
  • Ashwagandha
  • L-Carnitine

Perhaps the people behind Brainzyme Focus Pro thought that they had enough stress-reducing ingredients, so moved away from these, but for me, these would have added to this great stack.

I would have particularly liked to have seen L-Carnitine, as there is plenty of evidence to prove its effectiveness, which is why it is so widely used in other nootropics, such as Hunter Focus

My Experience With Brainzyme Focus Pro

I should start this section with a bit of a disclaimer – I have been a fan of other BrainZyme products so perhaps I was predisposed to like their Focus Pro iteration. I have always found their products to be well-researched and, crucially, effective – so I was feeling very positive going into the trial.

Brainzyme Focus on table

There’s a no-nonsense approach that comes across when you receive your bottle of capsules. First of all, the design is pretty basic – it is literally just a bottle of capsules like with most other supplements.

Then there is the large text on the front which simply reads “FOCUS”. When compared to products like Hunter Focus and Kaged Mindset – who really go above and beyond with their presentation, it does feel a little on the cheap side, but that isn’t a huge issue really.

I decided to start off with the recommended dose of two capsules, 60 minutes after food, and with half a glass of water. They say that, if you would like a stronger dose, you should take them 30 minutes before food. Some people struggle to take capsules on an empty stomach, so just be careful if you decide to give this a go.

What is quite reassuring about the safety of Brainzyme Focus Pro, is that it is deemed safe for pregnant women and children over the age of 10 to take. These two groups are usually advised not to dabble in products like this, so for them to be confident enough to offer recommended doses for them just emphasizes how confident they are in their product. I’m all for that.

Despite this, we would always recommend that both these groups seek medical advice before starting any form of supplementation.

Taking Brainzyme Focus Pro

So what did I feel when I started? Well, I normally caveat with my reviews of a nootropic supplement with a little warning – that you can’t expect instant results with a product. These aren’t magic pills that will suddenly transform your life, it takes time for them to kick in.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed a tangible difference in how I felt on the first morning of taking Brainzyme Focus Pro.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t suddenly transform into Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless, but there was a definite feeling there. I definitely had more focus.

I always set myself targets for the day, and by lunchtime on my first day I was comfortably ahead of where I thought I could be. I had got more done, and just felt a bit more zen. I was at peace with the world and taking care of business.

The caffeine was noticeable – probably because I have a better understanding of what caffeine feels like. But I certainly attributed the extra focus and energy that I was feeling to the caffeine within Focus Pro.

You tend to find that the effectiveness of a nootropic tends to gently increase over the course of the first month or so of taking it, but I would say with Brainzyme Focus Pro, the impact probably leveled out a bit earlier. This is probably to be expected, as the initial impact was much quicker to take hold, but I was hoping for a little extra boost, having had such a promising start.

The speed at which I felt an impact, though, will appeal to a lot of people. The cost is justified right away, and you can definitely see the results.


Brainzyme Focus Pro is a great nootropic. The research is sound, and the stack is well-packed. There are plenty of ingredients in this product, all bringing something slightly different.

The major benefit is how quickly I noticed a difference in my performance at work – it was pretty much immediate. You can see why that makes it more attractive than some products that could take a while for you to see the benefit.

The inclusion of caffeine may put some people off (for those people I’d suggest trying NooCube), but I enjoyed the little, controlled boost to my energy levels and extra focus. The other ingredients would have contributed to this as well, naturally.

All in all, this is a good nootropic. Personally, I would be prepared to spend a little bit extra on a product like, for example, Hunter Focus, and feel a greater benefit, but I very much enjoyed taking Brainzyme Focus Pro.