About Us

Peak Nootropics aims to become ‘the’ online resource for nootropics, optimum cognitive functioning and long term brain health. By taking an approach that focuses on high quality, well researched and factually correct content, we hope to become the leading online resource in our field.

With a team of UK and US based reviewers, testers, research assistants, writers, health coaches and nootropic users; we believe we have assembled a team that can deliver on our core values.

Our Core Values aim to:

  • Put authenticity at the core of our work
  • Use real life experience to inform our reviews
  • Utilize clinical data and research to support our findings
  • Minimize technical jargon to help our readers fully understand our work
  • Write without bias or prejudice

With these aims at the core of our work, we believe the work we do can help you to fully realize your potential.

Whilst the work we do is fully researched and we only ever promote natural products and ingredients it is important to seek medical advice if you have concerns over your physical or mental health. No content that is produced on Peak Nootropics is intended to replace medical advice and it shouldn’t be taken as such.

Do you want to find out more about our key team members? Read on to meet them…

Jason M

Founder of Peak Nootropics – Jason M

As the founder of Peak Nootropics, Jason leads the ship. He has complete editorial control of all content that is published and he works closely with the key members of the writing team to ensure the editorial standards are met.

Jason has a wealth of nootropic experience and recently completed a course with Emory University in ‘Biohacking Your Brain’s Health’. His own personal experiences in biohacking date back to 2018 and give him wide ranging experiences that make him the ideal figure head of Peak Nootropics.

James D Picture

Lead Writer & Nootropic Expert – James Dixon

James Dixon is one of those people who is just incredibly talented at so many things. He has a Masters degree in Philosophy, has a background as a personal trainer, writes for various health and nootropics publications and is now even a published author.

All of his experiences and qualifications to date, mean he is incredibly well placed to test, research and review nootropics – some of which he takes as part of his usual daily routine. You’ll have to read his reviews to find out which ones though.

Phillippa Quigley

Physical & Mental Health Consultant – Phillippa Quigley

Phillippa is The Health & Soul Coach and runs her own practice serving clients both online and face to face. She has a range of health and nutrition accreditations and we are lucky to have her as a health consultant and writer.

Jennifer Olejarz bio pic

Nutritionist & Health Counselor – Jennifer Olejarz

Jennifer Olejarz is a nutritionist and health counselor with degrees in both psychology and nutrition from Western University, Canada. She ties the two together to specialize in emotional eating and mental health. 

Jennifer contributes towards our nutrition and mental health content here at Peak Nootropics.

She also provides nutritional information through her website https://www.mindfulfoodtherapy.com/

Krista Bugden

Health Correspondent – Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden has worked as a Professional health copywriter for over six years. As an avid traveler, nootropic, and health enthusiast, she has seen it all and has worked for some of the top health, wellness, and travel brands.

We are delighted to welcome her to the Peak Nootropics team as she brings a wealth of physical and mental health experience to our team.