This post was written by the original Peak Nootropics blog team and has been recreated for reference purposes:

It is a common problem many of us come across when trying nootropics for the first time. It’s frustrating and discouraging to see no results after hearing about the awesome benefits people have claimed across the internet. The good news is that it may not be time to worry and jump to conclusions. The reason your nootropics are not working is not necessarily a cause for concern. Let’s review what may be happening and the causes of such problems.


This is perhaps the most common issue related to nootropics not working. Our bodies are all unique and this also relates to how substances affect us physiologically. It is true that many people will feel the effects of nootropics very quickly but does not mean you will have the same result personally.

If you compare two people taking Piracetam Powder for the first time, one may feel the full benefits within 15 minutes whereas, the other may feel nothing after several attempts. Why does this happen? We couldn’t tell you as these situations are common with any other supplement and drug. The good news is that this does not mean the supplement will not work for you in the future.

If your nootropics aren’t working, don’t flat out quit, give it a chance. Many people need to work them into their systems before they start to feel the effects. It can take up to several days or weeks to feel any effect. You have the product anyway, stick with it and try it for at least a month before throwing in the towel.

There was also a study preformed on Piracetam that indicated that it works much better after 14 days. The study showed that the group treated with Piracetam saw minimal cognitive improvements over the control after 7 days. At the 14 day mark, the Piracetam group saw significant improvements over the control. Here is the link to the study.


This is the assumption everyone makes after not feeling the effects of their chosen nootropic products. We look for answers and try to blame the retailer for our personal mishaps. There are numerous reports of customers blaming their retailer as selling a “bunk product”. The truth is nootropic powders could easily be faked however this is rare as vendors are usually nootropic users themselves. This of course, does not mean this cannot happen and usually it is the vendor’s supplier or manufacturer that is to blame not them.

For this reason, specifically selects only trusted manufactures with ties to other high scale sports supplement retailers. It is important to buy from a vendor that you can trust and stick with them in order to get a high quality product every time.

A good example of this would be in Alpha GPC for instance, the product can be purchased from manufactures at 50% (half filler) or 99% grade. Guess which is cheaper? We only buy the 99% purity and take a hit on our profit margin to provide the best product to the customer. Other retailers may not follow this practice. Sure, another nootropic retailer may give you their COA on Alpha GPC but who is to say it is the COA for that exact purity of Alpha GPC they are selling you? Just keep this in mind.


It is true you may not be very sensitive to nootropics or racetams. Often, we expect too much and overreact to the lack of results due to impatience. This problem can stem from putting too much promise in these products. They are no “magic pills” and will not magically turn you into a genius. Most people, including many who have tried intense pharmacological drugs, like LSD still feel the effects of nootropics. You may just be less sensitive to them or it may be a combination of you not waiting long enough for them to take effect.

Whatever it may be, take proper time to observe your reactions on nootropics. You may be doing something more efficiently and may not even notice the results. It may also be too subtle for you to realize but this effect can reduce over time as you start to take notice of the effects. As you become more aware, you may have an increased desire to experiment with nootropics further.


In some occurrences, nootropics may not work no matter what you try. You’ve gained a trusted source, tried the product(s) for over 30 days and have decided give up. It may be that nootropics just aren’t for you. It is rare for someone to feel no effects from any of the nootropics but if you have tried everything from Piracetam to Noopept powder, move on and accept the reality.

Nootropics are generally used for studying but have all sorts of applications in work and everyday life. If you really need an “extra boost” whether in school, or just general use, don’t move on the prescription smart drugs. These have horrible side effects and will not offer much in value to your health. You may choose to do this but it is not a smart thing to do and although, it may boost productivity, it may damage your health. Stick with coffee and move on. If you find our products do not work for you after applying all the advice in this article, please contact our customer service.